Biological Superconductivity

F.W. Cope has suggested that the presence of cholesterol molecules in nerve cell bio-membranes may be the basis of biological superconductivity.

Recent research has found the basis of biological superconductivity in a new class of thin films, bio-molecular layers composed of a metal and a semiconductor separated by organic molecules (M.H. Halpern and J.H. Van Dyke: Biological Effects of Very Low Magnetic Fields and their Implication for Space Exploration". (Areospace Medicine, 37 (3) 281 1966).

A.P. Dubron believes that the Kirlian effect supports the hypothesis of biological superconductivity. The Kirlian effect is produced by the application of a high voltage, high frequency field to a biological object over a photographic film.


The subject's body emits cold electrons which appear as bands of energy on the film. These bands are responsive to the emotional state of the individual. Such a process is only possible if superconducting regions are present on the biological membrane.


In biological thermodynamics research, experimenters have shown that although the metabolizing cell is performing internal work, heat is not generated and hence entropy does not increase. The cell has a unique mechanism of heat removal. It involves continuous microphasic transitions of intra-cellular water and proteins from the liquid to the liquid crystalline state.

Three transitions interact to form the "super-ordered" (liquid crystalline) from the dis-ordered liquid) state. These independent liquid crystal transitions constitute a unique mechanism for the creation of negative entropy in living systems, where the energy normally absorbed as heat is instead transformed into a high energy liquid crystal state.


Trincher directly states that the "water inside the cells is in the state of maximum order in a sate attainable in non-liquid systems only at absolute zero". We, therefore, must assume that biological processes take place at very large negative temperatures, or in living systems, by the operation of a special mechanism of action of the bio-gravitational field where specific conditions are created.


There are effects dependent on molecular membrane biological superconductivity. Acceptance of the fact of biological superconductivity opens up a way for the solution of many fundamental biological questions. In a Josephson junction, the non-superconducting bridge is subjected to the effect of the external field and extremely small changes in the strength and direction of his magnetic field sufficient to produce large changes in current.


If we regard the living organ as a single pseudo-crystalline structure, then particular links in this integral chain can be regarded as large Josephson superconducting junctions or loops. We know from the physics of superconductivity that the greater the area of a Josephson junction (or Cooper loop) the greater its sensibility to an external magnetic field.


People who detect underground bodies of water (dowsers) have exceptional sensitivity to weak magnetic fields (10-12 - 10-14 gauss). The pendulum or rod in the dowser's hand is merely indicating the needle of the human being's intricate, superconducting, sensing instrument.


We generate external fields with our mind which act on the cells in our body to create cold electrons. These cold electrons can be accelerated to be internal magnetic and external magnetic fields. The cold electrons can also be acted on by the earth's geomagnetic fields as well as the fields coming from the sun and other planetary bodies. These fields can cause the electrons to be accelerated, ionizing the gases in the atmosphere surrounding the body, producing a cathodo-luminescence of these gases.


These electrons may also structure water that is in the fluid part of our body, including the blood stream. They may be responsible for charging a crystal to be utilized for information storage or for therapeutic purposes.


A natural quartz crystal, when cut into a double terminated form, carefully polished, resonates to the vibration of water itself. Using the Omega 5 instrument, designed by Daniel Perkins, we find water and the crystal both have a fundamental vibration of 454. Holding the crystal in your hand, focusing your mind on the crystal, and pulsing your breath, a vibration is stored in the crystal which now can be measured by the Omega machine. This field in the crystal is electronic. By virtue of the definition of electronic:

  1. erasure of this field can be made by a bulk demagnetizer
  2. the field can be amplified by a secondary coil around it
  3. the field can be resonantly transferred to another crystal with no loss of this field, and
  4. the field can be measured by gauss meters, spectrophotometers, (both infra-red and ultra-violet, pH meters, dielectric conductivity meters, and surface tensionmeters.


We are dealing , in this energetic transfer of charge from a living system to a crystal, with another factor with which we have not yet had to fully cope, namely, the dynamic characteristics of this energy. By this I mean that the energy stored in the crystal will change in accordance with the changing forces around the body of the person who originally held the crystal in their hand. The subject can be thousands of miles away and still an operator can detect the energy level of the subject by measuring the field of the subject imprinted into the crystal when he held it in his hand.


It is also possible to treat with homeopathic or Bach flower remedies through the crystal by means of this energy transference.


We are made in the image and likeness of God. To find and express this Divinity is the key act of living on this earth plane. "Man know thyself". How do we do his? By the observation and study of self we can come to an understanding of the power and forces that exist within us. When we can release these forces in a controlled manner we start the process of experimentation. By parallel evaluation of our results with the writing of others, we will find both confirmation and confusion in what we have observed. It is from this point that we begin to learn and grow.