About This Material

All audio files were provided to this project courtesy of Rumi Da. Videos were created & uploaded independently by others. The videos offer an excellent introduction to Dr. Vogel's crystal work; for more detail, check out the audio files.


Marcel Vogel Workshop 87 - Charging your Crystals for Healing Purposes

YouTube has many short clips of Marcel's lectures, as well as a few longer ones. Here are the videos we like best, from shortest to longest. (Only the first of multi-part series is provided).

Dr Marcel Vogel - Using crystal on self

Dr. Marcel Vogel - Crystal usage technique - Phase 1

Dr. Marcel Vogel - Therapeutic use of Crystals - Part 1

Marcel Vogel Workshop '87_01

Marcel Vogel Workshop - Therapeutic Use of Crystals, part 1

Marcel Vogel Workshop, Munich 1986