Dr. Fritz Popp

Dr. Popp is recognized internationally for his pioneering work in the quantitative measurement of light emitting from living cells. The emission of radiation is given the name of Biophotons.  Dr. Popp has written many papers in this area and I had the opportunity of visiting with him and dialoging on this work on June 3, 1987.

Dr. Popp's tests consist of taking a sample seed, putting it into a dark chamber, and measuring it with a special photomultiplier tube for a period of 2 to 308 seconds. He then takes the signals that are being emitted and puts them into a computer program to get a quantitative summary of the photonic emission of radiation that comes from a sample. The particular sample that Dr. Popp demonstrated was the use of germinated cucumber seeds which had never been exposed to light and kept to complete darkness in a closed container. They were then exposed to the photomultiplier tube and the light output measured. Graphs were made indicating the light emissions coming out of the seed. 

I took this seed that was in the chamber and gave it a charge with the 8-sided crystal. I tested the seed with the Omega 5 before and after the treatment. According to the Omega 5, the energy in the seed increased significantly. I said to Dr. Popp that this seed will have an increased output. The seed was again measured and the results showed that there was a 20% increase in total light output over the seed that was previously measured without a treatment. We attempted to reduce the light output with little success. It showed, from the first order of experimentation, that the intention of the mind of an individual can play a significant role in the activity of these types of experimentation.