The Forming Aspect of Sound

In the beginning was the Word. The Word took flesh and became man. We are made in the image and likeness of God and when we sound our note, we return to the Source, the God that is within us. This article will help to find this note and sound out this note.

Breath is the staff of life. In breathing and breathing deeply, we create within our body a set of tonal patterns. These tones of vibrations are like the tones of an organ pipe. When the tone is emitted, vibrations resonate with the matter that surround them causing those objects or forms which are harmonic to vibrate/resonate in accordance with the primary note.

To hear these notes, suspend yourself in an isolation chamber separate from all secondary interferences, and listen, as you breathe, to a remarkable series of tonal patterns. Drawing your breath in, you hear deep sonorous pipe-like tones. Coming to the end of the breath, a higher tone range is heard and you experience a series of internal breath vibrations. The body responds by vibrating, as tension builds up with the building of the breath, a harmonic rippling takes place. As your breath is retained, this builds higher and higher until, with your eyes closed, a flash of light takes place within your mind and illumination results.

Illumination is the moving from sound to light. That light is a window to your soul. To feel and understand yourself, you must activate and stimulate the not-self, that wonderful being of consciousness of the soul interacting and becoming one with matter via the mediating vibration of breath. This phenomena only takes place when we learn to breathe deeply by drawing our breath in using the diaphragm, filling the chest cavity, expanding the upper regions of the lungs with additional breath, and then holding the breath. As we do this, we feel our body oscillating in a rhythm. You experience the symphony of life itself moving, vibrating, and seeking. Your body becomes a symphony orchestra. With three-full intonational consciousness, we stimulate every cell in our body and the organization of cells in their own unique precise way.

In place of an isolation chamber, we can do this with a crystal. Charge the crystal with intention. Breathe in and out three times and on the third time, hold your breath. Create the image of the crystal in your mind and pulse that image with the outgoing breath into the crystal that you hold in your hand. Breathe normally, look at the crystal with your mind's eye and clear intention. Feel the vibration your breath has caused, which is now stimulating the crystal.

As we contemplate the crystal with our mind's eye, we can create in our mind the image of individual organs. For example, visualize the heart and release it into the crystal. You will experience the change in vibration of the essence of your heart vibrating in the crystal. Send the thought of love well-being and you will experience a change in vibration. This will lead to an increased well-being of the heart.

If there is a pain in your shoulder, create an image of this shoulder and implant it into the crystal. Draw your breath in and slowly release the image of the shoulder, with breath, into the crystal. Look for the source of the pain and release the pain with kind, loving thoughts. The pain will cease to exist, having been neutralized by the power of love. Order and balance will come into being. The body will function in an orderly manner.

These are the fundamentals of self-healing:

  1. sound your note by breathing deeply
  2. release that note into a crystal held in your hand
  3. use the vibration in the crystal as a reference electrode of sound
  4. transfer a thoughtform from your mind into the crystal
  5. release the thought of love and well-being into the chosen body area to bring it order and balance


All nature, mineral, plant, animal, and human, are linked into a common form and a common note. We come from one source and are here on this earth plane to return to this source.

A most remarkable book was written by Gyorgy Doczi: The Power of Limits, which deals with proportional harmonics in nature and architecture. In this book, he links harmonic vibrations as the mathematics of celestial harmonics. He defines gravity as weight, and says the lifting of weight is by its sharing of His Grace.

The Divine connotation for this is the effortless release of burden. When you study the patterns of the forms of nature, as they individualize in various living expressions, there is commonality of expression. Darwin, on the expressions of nature, showed that there is a commonality between man and animal in the body form and expression of emotion. Dogs express their feelings of hostility or friendship through body movement. Looking at the photographs in Darwin's book, you are struck with the similarity of form and expression between man and beast. All of human expression can be released in seven patterns of vibration which are called the Sentic Cycles. These seven form the emotional expression and are seen through the body-mind movements. They are common to all human life forms on this earth plane.