I Am the Light of the World

We have seen this statement in the Bible and perhaps it has caused you to reflect upon what these words mean. We will now discuss this statement and see how much is contained in these words, from a practical standpoint.

Each human cell emits electro-magnetic radiation called luminescence (i.e. light produced by electronic transfer of energy from one state to another). The cell emits an ultra-violet luminescence from the nucleus at 1900 angstrom units, 2800 angstrom units, and 3300 angstrom units. The cell also emits red light at 6200 A and 6800 A. Using an AGA thermo vision camera, one can observe the red light emitted from the body of a person as well as the thermal activity of the body.

If you hold a four-sided crystal to your forehead with the trip facing outward, you will cause a lowering of the energetics of the facial radiation. When the crystal is held in a vertical position between the eyes there is a specific amplification of the fields around the eyes and brow region of the skull.

When you think you have stimulated the cellular activity to luminesce, draw these fields together into a coherent pattern, and with the outgoing breath, this field is released into space. This luminescence is now accreted by the intention of the individual into a series of patterns which can be released with the outgoing breath. This pattern (or thoughtform) can be manifested via telepathy to another person or can be stored in a double terminated healing crystal as a program which be acted upon or used at a later time. As you draw your breath in, you accrete a charge of a force (prana) which excites the cellular activity to luminescence.

I believe a thoughtform is a photonic transmission of energy into space. This energy is developed from the cellular stimulation activated by the pranic  forces drawn in with the breath. A discreet set of patterns is brought into being which we then assemble and release first in the innate space surrounding our body and then in that space of the atmosphere surrounding our earth plane.

In 1932, A. Gurwitch postulated the concept that radiation from the low energy ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum plays a part in the intracellular communication. He gave this activity the name, "mytogenetic radiation".  There was much controversy over this statement by Gurwitch. In 1932, Brajewski objectively demonstrated the existence of biogenic radiation in the range of 250 nanometers.

Dr. Fritz Popp's current work (12/86)  on biophotons shows that most living forms emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation both in the visible and ultraviolet regions of the spectrum.

We differentiate now between the biophotonic radiation spoken of previously and that of bioluminescence, which involves an oxidation reaction similar to light of the firefly, which originates in a luciferin-luciface reaction. The previous statements about the photonic  emissions of radiation caused by cellular activity are taken by the author to extend this thinking into the formation of thoughtforms which exist in space around a living system. The many and diverse forms of light emission going on in and around the body of an individual are:

  1. The weak but distinct electro-luminescence caused by activation or ionization of the gases surrounding the body of an individual. These result from the surface of the skin tissue of the body. This accounts for the primary aura observed by many people.
  2. Intercellular UV communication  language or bio-signals which are responsible for intercellular communication.
  3. The dark chemo-luminescence in the cells and in the life processes. This means the conversion by an oxidation reduction reaction into a representative of the process in a biophotochemical reaction.

The mind of man works with these fields and operates not only with the activity of the brain, but is sensitive to and responsive to every cell in his body. Consequently when we activate the process of visualization in the mind of an individual through the medium of a crystal, one can act on and impinge any cellular grouping in the body that one chooses.

The statement by Christ, "I am the Light of the world", has a multifaceted meaning in light of the advances in cellular chemistry and a critical study of the bio-energetics of the vital forces in the body.

Cells are individual elements of life and each carries its own individual consciousness. Their method of communication is photonic. The stimulation of this photonic emission is sound, and the composite effect of the total emission of radiation is a body luminescence characteristic of the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of that individual. What we can see with the physical eye of this process is a very weak band of luminescence surrounding a living organism. This can be expanded by dark adaptation of the eye to observe the secondary fields which surround the body. If you are patient you can see the process of thought emerging from the head as flashes of light.

When we link to Christ Consciousness, we have a reference vibration or tone which brings all cellular activity into a balanced emission and allows us then to live between two worlds: the world of matter and the world of spirit. The power of the love and the force of the loving are to bring about this light that each cell needs to have: first, the individual consciousness of self, and second, the understanding of group consciousness.

The force of love coheres this energy and helps to bring an orderly communication between one level of vibration and another. The use of a crystal in this process acts as a transducer for this force and aids in cutting through interference. It can and will hold a thoughtform.

This thoughtform will release, in a repeated pattern, into the body of an individual being treated. When we are in a state of balance and well-being, we generate a field, a light, which coheres and brings into balance those around us: