Records Are Written in Stone

Down through the ages, monuments have been erected and inscribed by humanity with various patterns of design and decoration. In this article, we will discuss a deeper meaning to these stone structures.

Let us now think of them as a means of communication of information from past minds. These may also be devices for amplifying weak energy fields that are contained in the soil caused by movement of subterranean bodies of water and the accumulation of various mineral elements. These subterranean forces have been given the name LEY LINES. The location of these lines of force may be detected with the use of a pendulum held in one's hand. The may also be determined by dowsing rods. Moving subterranean fields, when crossing in a positive direction, give amplified signals at the crossover point; when crossing is opposing or in negative, they give weakened or negative fields. Ley lines also occur in the right handed and left hand spiral formations. Two good books on this subject are "Dowsing and Archaeology" by Tom Graves, Touchstone Books, Wellingborough Northamptonshire, U.K. and "Site Survey Dowsing" by Cleve Thompson, same publisher.

The erecting of stones and stone monuments over these areas amplifies these fields. They create a vortex of energy which are often called sacred spots. One of these is Stonehenge. The patterns of energy that have been dowsed correspond to the placement of stones that are at this site. I feel the following actions take place:  the moon acts on the subterranean bodies of water creating an expansion and expansion of the fluidic body.  The water then flows with increasing velocity and spins as it moves in the subterranean beds, creating a vortex of a pulsating magnetic type field. These fields expand throughout the earth and act as paramagnetic material.

Feldspar, granite and quartz are paramagnetic. They are responsive to these types of fields; they store the vibrations and re-radiate them into a set of vibratory patterns. To experience these fields, use a dowsing rod to locate where the field is at its maximum on a standing stone that you wish to examine. Stand in this field with arms outstretched and approach the rock until you feel the energy field at a maximum. With your eyes closed reach over and touch the stone with both hands. Breathe in, and breathe out. Slowly breathe in and separate your hands from the stone, then breathe out and hold your breath. As you do this, you will feel a pulsation in your body like being exposed to a dynamo. As the energy enters your body, keep focused on it and begin to draw your breath in and out slowly. When you attune in this way, the physical body will oscillate and with the eyes closed there will be a series of flashing lights taking place at the third eye. Keep focused on that light, keep breathing, and if data is stored in that stone structure, there will appear to the observer as a series of rapidly forming images. Record the reactions so that information can be pulled from various locales where this type of data is stored. 

This was done at the Elephant Caves in Mumbai, India; at the sacred mountain in Trivandrum and in various hillside shrines in Mysore, India. If you have only a small sample of rock, the same can be done by holding the rock in one hand, drawing in the breath and becoming one with the rock on the outgoing breath.

Using a Crystal to Read the Records Stored in Ancient Monuments 

When an ancient monument has been designed and constructed out of stone, the pattern of the whole can be seen by a trained individual by doing the following:

  1. Charge a Vogel-cut® healing crystal with breath and intention
  2. Direct the energy of the crystal to the stone object you wish to investigate
  3. Focus on it, draw your breath in, close your eyes and pulse the breath through the nostrils with the intention of opening the records that are written in the stone
  4. Take the stone in your hand and draw in the breath, close your eyes and pulse the breath into the stone object
  5. Breathe in two or three times slowly back and forth. As you do this, you open the third eye with the intention of seeing the records that are written in the stone
  6. Hold your breath, look at and describe the images that come through to the mind's eye. Have a friend transcribe this and go over the data when you have completed this information transfer.

This opens a whole new form of creative archaeology, not only digging up the stones as archaeological site, but seeing the completed structure from the witness sample of the individual stones.