The Crystal Skull

It is my belief that natural quartz skulls are information transfer devices. It has been my pleasure to work with the Mitchell-Hedges skull which is carved from a single quartz crystal, weighing 475 troy ounces and measuring 8.25 inches across the width of the skull.

Working with Mrs. Hedges, the skull was held in my hands and brought in opposition to the solar plexus. Deep breathing exercises were then initiated and Mrs. Hedges, in looking at the skull, remarked that it had become luminous with light emanating from the eye sockets. When this took place, we both took a deep breath and entered the skull together with intention on the outgoing breath. We immediately felt a coolness, and a vibrating, oscillating motion took place in our bodies. By breath control this oscillation stopped, but when we let our breath out and relaxed, this oscillation came back. This was followed by a sound or tone being felt in the skull. A change in pitch was noted until a constant tone was felt. We then drew our breath in and focused our minds on knowing the intention of the functioning the these skulls.

We let our breath out, and suddenly we saw a temple with a hole in the top. The skull sat on a pedestal directly under this hole. There was a priest with a shaved head, robed in white, wearing a medallion of gold inscribed with the image of the sun and its rays. The priest waited for the light of the sun to strike the skull, illuminating it in much the same way as in our experience. An older person with a shaved head came into the temple. The priest put his left hand on the head of the elderly man and his right hand on the crystal skull. He drew his breath in and pulsed the breath. The information in the mind of the older man was now transferred to the skull. He left and in his place came a young girl also dressed in white. The priest reversed his hands, placed his left hand on the skull and his right hand on the head of the young girl. He drew his breath in and pulsed his breath. That knowledge that was contained in the skull was now in the mind of the young person. This was repeated many, many times and suddenly the image faded.

From this experience it was felt that these devices were information transfer systems. The transfer of patterns of thought stored in the brain could be utilized by a transfer mechanism of this type from one generation to another. This precluded the necessity of writing everything down and having to re-translate that written document back into the imagery that was required of the written word.