The Human Crystal

A physical body is and has its essential form in the bony structure. An energy analog exists around the body maintaining the balance and total functioning of the physical form.

This energy field exists as a systematic array of oscillating points of energy which have a layered structure and a definite symmetry. These statements all embody a definition of a normal crystal in material form. The patterning and positioning of these energy points, called nadis, result from breath and its control, including the patterning of thought into these structures, and, above all, the thinking of oneself in wholistic form as a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being. 

The original work delineating these types of structures was done by the team of George and Marjorie De La Warr, using a rubbing plate to delineate these patterns in space. A further extension of this work was a thought photography camera developed by George De La Warr. He captured on photographic film an image of these nadis, showing some of them in relation to the positioning of the body of an individual. These fields surrounding the body are very sensitive to weak magnetic fields, a half gauss to 100 gauss. They can be expanded and contracted by the north and south pole of a bar magnet held in opposition to the body. These fields are drawn in with inhalation and released with exhalation.

If we become attached to a thought process which has a high emotional content, that pattern of thought will be locked into this energetic pattern which surrounds us, and the physical body will manifest itself in a distortion of the form, i.e.: slumping of the shoulder, a shortening of the leg, a twisting of the muscles of the eye or mouth. If continued for an extended period of time, these will become chronic and locked into the body.

One of the principles of healing with a double terminated healing crystal is to break up these patterns with breath and the energy supplied through the crystal to that normal crystallographic pattern and structure. It is re-assumed and locked into place with the intention of the party being given the treatment to continue to exist in this current state of health and well being. A severe blow, a sudden shock, or sound will cause a displacement of this subtle body, causing a loss of body control resulting in collapse and at times a loss of consciousness. 

A knowledge of this information makes it possible to rapidly assist as individuals return to consciousness. Place your free hand on the solar plexus and the crystal hand on the heart chakra. Release your breath in a sudden pulse while focusing on the body. Create an image of bringing the etheric field back into the physical body and then slowly draw your breath in. Hold the breath for four to five seconds, then suddenly pull your hands away. Done properly, an unconscious person will come back to active consciousness.

In the case of strokes or excessive pressure from a tumor, this will not be successful. It requires a great degree and extension of therapy which is not covered here.

We repeat that a person is existing  both in and out of their body. In successfully maintaining this level of existence, knowledge and love are necessary. This information is the primary object of the teaching we are giving.