The Patterning of Thought

"As a man thinks, so he is", and "energy follows thought".

In our laboratory experiments, we have found that thought releases an energy which we can store in the lattice of a cut quartz crystal. These patterns of vibrations are stored and oscillate like a magnetic domain field.

We have found also that when a thoughtform is released into space, two things happen. Thought is contained in geometric pattern forms in space, causing that space to oscillate. That oscillation, in turn, acts on matter that is in space, namely the atomic forms of oxygen, nitrogen, and the water molecules, causing them to vibrate and to propagate a series of patterns that move outward in to the space around the body. This is much the same as the circular pattern of concentric rings that is formed when a rock is thrown into the water.

The primary pattern of a thoughtform is held in the etheric body of an individual. It fits into a geometric form, much the same way as the energy of our minds fits into the geometric form and pattern of a crystal. It is my belief, from our studies, that there is a great similarity in the structure and symmetry between the energy body that surrounds an individual. When we think, we generate a pattern, and this pattern locks into space. It then oscillates and radiates a field that acts on matter. This is the energy that follows thought.

When we think precisely, thinking in accordance with the well-being of an individual, that thought locks into the pattern of that person and starts the process of integrating the fields that we generate so that we become more and more of a cohesive, integrated, functioning individual. This says that we become one with ourselves. In this process of developing at-one-ment, we build the capacity, the energetics to move to a higher level of consciousness so that the love of God, the Divine Mind, can flow in and through our own body.

If you are scattered in your thinking and you use higher energies of God in your life, you will find that force of these energies will literally break you apart, manifesting in dis-ease and illness. To stand in this light we must have no fear within us, for whatever takes place, we must be willing to remove our ego and let things be.

A good example can be drawn form the experience of St. Paul when he was struck from the horse by the light of the love of God. The force that struck his body caused him to be totally blinded. It was only when he made an affirmation of acceptance of the teaching that God wanted Paul to do that the veil was lifted and his sight was again restored. We can act within ourselves, by becoming aware of our intrinsic good, beauty, and power.

This is inherent in each human that is on this earth plane. We are given by Divine Right the capacity to create, the ability to bring into being that which did not exist the moment before. This is the unique quality that differentiates man from  beast. We have that transcendent quality that allows us to bring creation into being by our actions and deeds. As we exemplify our best self, we continue o raise our level of consciousness. We move up the spiral of activity going closer and closer to the One who is the All, the Love of God.

We have seen in our laboratory the transfer of the energy of thought into a quartz crystal. We can retain this energy in exactly the same way that we store information on the ferro-magnetic material. Sound imprints on the tape or disc after the magnetic recoding head creates a magnetic domains that consists of the information code of the sounds that are passed through the coil.

Quartz crystals will store the geometric pattern of thought in much the same way. We store patterns in our subtle bodies. When stimulated by a magnetic field, we radiate that vibration out into space. This field will act on matter or fluids. When water is spun in a right-handed spiral, the flowing water creates an oscillating field up to .07 Gauss. This field is of sufficient magnitude to amplify the information stored in the crystal, extract that information, and structure the water molecules in systematic arrays with the patterns and information codes locking into the crystalline system of that quartz.

As we think, we produce patterns. These patterns are omnipresent. They transcend the electromagnetic spectrum. By their presence they act on matter. Matter is then moved to action, much as we experience sound and light.

When we spin this matter, we also create a magnetic vector and an electric vector. We develop the quality of attraction and repulsion. We move a charge into being. The moving water then becomes an analogy to the breath. As we breathe, we bring in a volume of air and it spins as it goes down the trachea filling our lungs with this air. As we hold that air in our lungs, a vibration, an oscillation takes place. In other words, the patterns of thought that are stored in space by the act of thinking are drawn into our body by breath process into the bloodstream with the information codes of our breath. We transmit thought by pumping blood throughout the entire body.

We exist in our bodies and out of our bodies at the same time. There is that wonderful relationship that is moving back and forth, living IN one level of matter and moving OUT of matter. When we take our breath in and hold it for a period of time, at first there is the struggle of feeling constrained. Suddenly, we may feel peace, tranquility, and oneness come through our body. We feel drawn to become light, free from the earth's magnetic field and we move into the infinity of space, space that has no dimension or limitation. When we breathe autonomically, the body regulates our breath causing an alteration between the left and the right nostril. When we deliberately do dual nostril breathing, we are feeding both hemispheres of the brain with oxygen. We are stimulating the rest of the body with the informational codes that are stored in and around the body. We feel this as an inner sense of peace and quiet. After a period of  breathing in this manner, we sense a totality and a feeling of oneness.

Within every life form there is a spark of the Divine Mind, which we call the soul. We all come from our Father and it is our job to take this spark and ignite within ourselves the flame of our thoughts, actions, and deeds, so that the outward expression of our soul is at peace and harmony with the inner purpose for our existence on this earth place.

"Man know thyself". We know self by the observations of our own actions and the acquiring of the teaching from what we have done and what we need to do. The greatest teacher we have is ourself, because we are here to find and bring into being the qualities of the life God has given to us. This comes from thinking, this comes from questioning, this comes from acting on what we have done or learned. But, above all, the greatest thing we can do is to share our life and our experience with others so that we become one with our neighbors and our neighbors become one with the community. There is no longer the individual differentiation, but the integration of he one into the whole. Once we realize that we are truly the spark of the Divine Mind, what do we have to fear except fear itself.

God so loved mankind that He sent His own son to open our hearts again, to understand our divine heritage, to love one another as He has loved us. Life is, in the end, so very beautiful. Man, too often, makes life a struggle for power, position, for accumulation of material objects. Can we take that which is of matter with us when we transcend? The answer is no but, we can and do take with us our thoughts, the results of our deeds. Above all, I believe we take the capacity we have acquired to love one another.