The Power of Love

When you generate an act of lovingness to your body, a field is created. This field is transferred by an act of will from the initiator to the recipient. We can look on love as glue that holds matter in form. It has in it the element of consciousness and contains the program for the total well being of an individual. This was fully understood and manifested by Jesus Christ. A question was given to Him as to what was the primary law. He answered, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with your mind, and your neighbor as yourself." (Luke 10, 25. New American Bible).

In studying and meditating on the statements of Christ, we have a practical guideline for the conduct of our life. We must develop the art and science of knowing ourselves. From this knowledge, we develop an awareness of love and self. In turn, we must emit and distribute this love to others without distinction or limitation. This is the whole study of life itself. To give love, we empty self into a recipient. In that act of emptying this force, we, in turn, are filled with the love of God. So we, in loving, receive infinite love from God, the source of all energy. If we limit the act of loving, this limits us as well.

Working in a loving way with crystals facilitates the transfer of this charge, generated by mind. In this way it is totally harmless. The crystal will amplify the weak field we first generate. As we release this field with intention and breath, the field moves like a laser into the energy, or subtle body, of the recipient. They, in turn, can draw this energy into their body. This acts with their energy to bring their body into balance and form. When I love you, that act opens us both to a Divine illumination. We can see beyond the body into the soul of this individual. We feel with us the beauty that resides in the body, mind, and soul of an individual with whom we are becoming one. As we evolve in the practice of becoming loving individuals, we become conscious of the power and force that resides within each of us. When we love another person, a magnetic like force is generated between the two individuals. They are drawn together, as if pulled by this magnetic like field. It is instinctive to embrace to bring the two bodies together as one.

In the work we are doing in the laboratory, we are striving to measure this force in water. It is our continuing effort to understand what these forces are and how they operate in nature. We are doing this by observing the structuring of water. This is accomplished by charging a crystal with thought and love, transferring this charge by a resonance process from the crystal to water which is being spun around the crystal in a clockwise direction. We complete this process by studying the water for change in pH, conductivity, and its ultra violet spectra changes.