The Power of Thought

We are made in the image and likeness of God. How do we find and experience this image? The discovery of this Divine image in us can be initiated by observing the patterns and forms of nature. We are given the power of creative thinking. To think and bring this thought process into a visible form is a precious gift of the love of God. To develop this faculty we must let the child in us operate, free of time and space. We commonly speak of this as our imagination. It is true. It is our imagination, but in removing yourself from this limitation of time and space, we move into the infinite. We bring down into our being a touch of Divine Mind. This is brought into being by seeing with the mind's eye.

A notebook begins the translating of this information into a logical and systematic program of reduction to physical form and practice. Ideas come as a burst of light. We reach out, grasp, and learn not to be fearful that ideas will be lost. No idea is ever lost, if we are patient and loving to ourselves. The real test of our being is the ability to work in time, in a rational systematic way with an idea that we have been given. Self discipline is required in the development of your skill inventory. These skills will be required to translate each idea into a final product.

In 1968, I saw Dr. Wilhelm Sturmer working at a microscope in his home. He was making pretty pictures of liquid crystal material, which he had treated and allowed to cool under the microscope. As I observed the activity of these liquid crystal materials, an idea flashed in front of my mind. These would be excellent products to be turned into liquid crystal displays for watches, flat panel television screens, and other visual devices. When I returned to IBM, I set myself the task to bring this idea into being. First, by buying a microscope and training myself to use it. Then, by buying and synthesizing the liquid crystals and determining their purity. Finally, the evolution of the methodology of making these into visible and practical displays. This was in 1962, years ahead of its time.

I now have this microscope with the ancillary equipment (1985). It is being applied to an even more exciting concept. The observing, measuring, and quantifying of the bio-energetic fields that exist both in and around a living cell.

We charge our body with breath; we structure our subtle body with a chargeless energetic mass: prana. With these two energies, breath and prana, we have the essential set of forces necessary for the creation of a thought form.

We hold a crystal in our hand, draw in our breath, focus our mind into the crystal, and suddenly release the breath through the nostrils with intention to link. A charge transfer takes place. We occupy the space between the lattice system of the quartz crystal. This charge is equivalent to the charging of a storage battery with electricity. It can now be observed and measured by an instrument called the Omega 5 Metatronic machine.

When we speak of the power of thought, it is true. Thought moves through a field we call etheric space. We must consider matter which has form, that physical object, is now contained by time and space. But, in that matter is a space less dimension, the inter atomic spacing. As we can move an electron from its orbital shell, by impinging on a crystal with a photon of radiation which that crystal will absorb, we can cause that electron to shift to its orbital rotation and come back to a ground state. It emits a photon of light we call luminescence. The energy of the mind is focused in space and has the capacity to expand the lattice system in which it is projected released with intention. The beauty of this concept and activity is that this information is locked in and stored with the crystal in much the same manner as one stores a magnetic domain on ferromagnetic surfaces, i.e. recording tape or magnetic recording discs.

In this way, you can focus your intention on the crystal, you can then extract the data, amplify the pulse, or release it as a projected burst of etheric plasma. This set of statements is the key, the heart, of the evolving technology of the use of crystals and crystal devices in Transformational Healing. With these devices, we can move directly into the pattern of thought, the locked emotions, and the incomplete thought forms. We can then release them so that the subject we are working with can bring their body into a state of wholeness and well being. The resonant fundamental vibration of the crystal is cut and tuned to the vibrational activity of water. Consequently, when we build a field in the crystal with intention and thought, we transmit the information directly into the body of an individual, via the structuring of the water and its salts.

We have studied the structuring of water and the resonant transfer of a charged crystal into water passed around a crystal. By careful experimentation, we have noted the same vibration in the crystal transferred to the water itself. This changes lasts for many months and as far as we know at this time (1985) it is a permanent change. What we have found is that both the vibration in the water and in the crystal can be erased by a bulk eraser for magnetic tape or by a focused thought the pulling in of breath and the sudden release of breath. In doing therapeutic work with the crystals, we must be cognizant that we are providing a loving field. This field can be nullified by the act of a doubtful thought. All effects will come to a halt. It is the operator's belief in him or herself, the knowledge and assurance of what they are doing, that brings about this form of therapy. The subject must accept responsibility for their life and assume the pattern of living that this form of treatment brings about. The subject is healing her/himself, the operator is providing a loving service to enable the recipient to bring her/himself back to a state of balance and well being.