Transformational Healing

All matter, which has form, has a geometric pattern which describes this form. Matter, which grows in a systematic and regular array of patterns, is spoken of as crystalline; and that in which the atomic material grows in random order is called amorphous.

In the crystalline state there are seven major groups of order:

  1. cubic
  2. hexagonal
  3. tetragonal
  4. orthorhombic
  5. monoclinic
  6. triclinic
  7. isometric

Each of these systems describes the internal symmetry of the crystal.  When we speak of a crystal, we speak of it  normally growing in a systematic, orderly manner in space. This is not always the case, and we have, in most systems, defect lattices taking place. A defect lattice may result from a blow from a falling object, or a variation in the concentration of the solute in which the crystal is growing. These interferences create structural defects, both internal and visible to the eye, as striations in the crystal causing cloudiness or phantoms.  One of the most unusual defects is the effect of radiation on crystals as they grow or have completed their growth. The radiation causes the crystal to produce defects by a movement of the cation or anion. This shift of the atom from its normal lattice site results in a darkening of the crystal to form a smokey quartz. Or, in some cases of amethyst and citrine, various colorations of crystals have been artificially produced by exposure to heat and radiation. Many of these effects can be reversed by the application of heat or light.

In contrast, matter which grows in a random form, such as clay and granite, have no distinct melting point or transition temperature because of the randomness of the atomic spacing of the material. This means that when heated in a furnace, these amorphous objects go through a softening and a gradual relaxation until they are in a molten state. This is well shown by the outpouring of the molten rock or lava from a volcano which, when it solidifies, becomes hard, glassy, and pitted with blow holes. Obsidian is an example of an amorphous volcanic glass.

This material does not store vital energies that emanate from the body or mind of an individual. For an object to store these vital energies, it must have a systematic, orderly array of matter and the proper spatial geometry, which allows the energy to be transferred from the crystal to the person or from the person to the crystal.

The first form that was designed for this purpose was a four sided natural quartz crystal, doubly terminated, with a different angle on the rear tip from that on the front. This is not the way the crystal grows in nature, but was shaped according to an image that appeared to me one morning as I awoke. When the cut crystal was completed, it had the same spatial geometric form as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

When the proper volume was established by trial and error, it was found that the intrinsic vibration of this quartz crystal, cleared by demagnetization, was 454. This number was derived from a radionics instrument made for us by Daniel Perkins. When we measured water, which was run through a reverse osmosis filtering machine, the water also measured at 454. We found that by drawing the breath in and holding the breath, focusing the mind on the crystal, and pulsing the breath through the nostrils, a charge was transferred to the crystal. The charge would come to a maximum point and stop. We could take this charge, measure it with the Omega 5 radionics device, and note a transfer of it to water. We then get an exact charge transfer from crystal to water. 

A better method of transferring charge was by spinning water around the crystal. The spinning water created a magnetic field, drawing a charge from the crystal into the water. 


In these sets of experiments, we have the basis and fundamental principles of transformational healing. In the transformational healing of an individual, a charge is transferred, through a crystal in the hands of an operator, into the thymus gland or the individual receiving treatment. The field is amplified by an up and down motion of the crystal until the charge is at its maximum, as determined by the operator, feeling each motion of the crystal with the opposing hand. The next step is to have the individual being treated utilize this energy by visualizing that area of their body needing treatment. They go with their mind to the cause of the discomfort, create a clear picture of it, and release the image with a pulse of the breath through the mouth and nostrils. The process, when done properly, breaks up, strips, and clears a pattern which has been stored in the bone, organ, or tissue that interferes with the normal bio-energetic activity of that part of the body.

An example is the case of an individual who was knocked down from a horse and landed on his back, knocking him out. When he came to, he had no memory of what injury was done to his body. In transformational healing, we, by the help of the energies of the crystal, amplify the damaged area of the body, so the memory of that individual can reconstruct and see, with the mind's eye, what was done to the body. By an act of will, these vibrations can then be erased, and the body can begin to reconstruct and heal itself.

Any individual utilizing crystals for this purpose must be in a calm state of mind, willing to serve for the good of the subject, putting aside their own ego and even the desire to heal. It is recommended that, if the subject is willing, they and/or the individual doing the healing, say a prayer. At this time, the healer holds their crystal in the dominant hand and places their other hand on the right shoulder of the client. After the prayer, it is highly recommended that the question be asked: "Do you wish to now be healed and will you accept your body in the new state?" If the answer is "yes" then we proceed.


Breath and breath control is vitally important to this work. Go to the witness area over the thymus gland, rotate the crystal in a counter-clockwise direction, and then stop when you are one and a half to two inches from the individual. The non-crystal hand is opposing the crystal behind the client's upper back or neck but not touching the client.

Slowly move the crystal in a clockwise direction, until you experience a resistance, and wait for the individual being treated to experience some effect at the witness area. When that takes place, you let your breath out and begin to breathe with the individual, while at the same time moving the crystal in a vertical up and down motion. When the field has come to a maximum, move the crystal in a right-handed spiral. Have the client breathe in and go to the source of what is disturbing them, create a clear picture of it, and, when you are ready, say the word RELEASE! At the same time, pull the crystal away from the body of the person, snapping it downward. Next, bring the crystal to the client's solar plexus area, and, at the same time, apply a slight pressure to the back of their neck with your non-dominant hand. Those individuals who are ready will bend over and go through an enormous release of tension and stress in their body. When you feel that they are ready, tell them to draw in the breath and come to an upright posture. Project the thought of love and well-being to them, and, at the same time, spiral the crystal in a right-handed way from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail bone continually thinking of the well-being of the client. Decrease the spiral until you are at the position of the thymus area. Stop and place the crystal on the thymus area of the client. Take the crystal away, and give the subject a big hug. Ask them how they feel. These are the principles of the use of a four, six, seven, and eight-sided Vogel-cut® healing crystal.

We have found significant release of pain from bone injury, accidents, and in the following case history, the rebuilding of a body that was in pain for 43 years.

A letter:

"You treated me at your first workshop demonstration at the Phoenix A.R.E Energy Medicine Symposium. I want you to know what really occurred subsequent to your treatment.

First, I should clarify what my problem entailed. I am now fifty six years old. When I was thirteen years old, I was riding a "runaway" horse. Upon reaching the stage, this creature sailed through the doorway. I was smashed against the wall above the door, which knocked me unconscious. I regained consciousness about two hours later and staggered home in excruciating pain. I was never aware of this two hour time lapse until age 53 while undergoing analysis prior to resignation of signing myself into a pain clinic. My main symptom was severe backaches and no one could even understand why. Probably psychosomatic. With the new knowledge of the accident (1982), I began a daily program of deep muscle massage on myself. This was inspired by having experienced Rolfing series and concluding that there must be a better way. It has been a slow task, painful, traumatic, and earned me a divorce over my commitment to persevere. Do or Die.

Enter Marcel Vogel. After your treatment, I did my usual bedtime massage, and all the rock-hard muscles were softening up like I couldn't recognize them anymore...tissue that I would have sworn were bones. This is only eleven days since you applied the crystal energy to me."