Where Two or More Are Gathered in My Name: There I Am

The experiment that will be described took place in Bavaria, Germany in the first week of June 1987. There were about 30 participants in a Bavarian chalet and with these participants was a Roman Catholic Priest who attended the seminar with the group. The house was situated on the side of a mountain overlooking a valley with snow capped peaks in the background. Adjoining was the small town of Wagneritz.


The seminars were given throughout the day and in the evening, a Mass was celebrated with us sitting in a circle around the priest. There was extensive singing, holding of hands and the reception of Communion. About 21 of the attendees had their own crystals: 4, 8, and 12-sided healing crystals. Two of them possessed Herkimer Diamonds and one had a natural, single terminated crystal. We decided to measure the fields that were in the crystals before and after Mass on the first day and after Mass on each subsequent day. The jug of water placed on the altar was measured along with the crystals. This was the first time, to the best of our knowledge, that an experiment of this type was done.


From the experimental work that we had done in our laboratory in San Jose, CA, it was determined that a double terminated healing crystal would resonate with the energies of a person once they had placed their vibration into a crystal. In other words, remote therapy can be given to a person and this therapy can be followed precisely with the Omega 5 instrument designed and built by Daniel Perkins. The Omega 5 attributes numerical values to the forces that are contained in a crystal which has been held in the hand of an individual. We determined three different sets of values, namely:

  1. the numerical value of the geometric form of the device under consideration
  2. the charge transfer to the crystal of the fields contained with the body of an individual, and
  3. the charge envelope which surrounds the body of an individual


Where there is an interference with this charge, such as food that is antagonistic to the well being of an individual is placed on the body, the charge level will drop down to a very low value, even to zero. When the food has beneficial value, the charge will be enhanced and will be duplicated to the same value as when the food is ingested by eating. The third set of numerical values occurs when a person receives the thought of well being and of wholeness, from a person who is projecting this to them. These sets of values deal with the transfer of the energetics of their thoughts of love and joy that are in the mind and heart of this person. To recap:

  1. The first set of values gives the geometric patterning of the object under measurement. The value we obtain from our double terminated healing crystal is 454, this is true be it a four, six, eight, or twelve sided crystal. This number exactly matches the value obtained when you measure pure water which has not yet received my special treatment. When water and crystal have the same primary vibrational value (454), any charge applied to the crystal can and does transfer directly to the water with no loss in vibrational activity.
  2. The next set of values is the energetics of the fields that are stored in matter itself. At the moment I make no discrimination as to their secondary considerations of these fields. The normal vibrational levels that we encounter are in the three digit figure area. However, an exception to these statements will be given very shortly. This number can be amplified by deep breathing, moving into sunlight, drinking vitalized water, or consuming foods which are healthy for the body.
  3. The third set of values deals with energies that are of a subtle nature. By subtle we mean those forces which are capable of moving freely in and out of a physical body. These forces we may call etheric and are the building blocks of the powers used by mind in constructing thoughtforms and maintaining the balance and totality of being of a human body. These statements are the product of the experimental research in our laboratory. The work is ongoing and developmental at this time. Let us now go back to what took place in Germany.


Each day we measured these values on the Omega machine using three people:

a medical doctor, a physicist, and myself. Our measurements concurred and were recorded. The real surprise took place between the third and fourth day where values rose from the normal three digit numbers to values that were in the 10^23 power.


In the majority of the people whom we measured, the energies within their crystals at the end of the fourth day was the same value as the water that was on the altar. From individual variations in numerical values, we all exhibited 4 (x10^34) 5 4, in all of the levels of measurement. The reading for water was 4 (x 10^34) 5 4 which differed from the control's reading of a modest 454.


The individual crystals measured exactly the same as values we had in the water. The exception was the value we obtained with the Herkimer diamond and the natural crystal, both of which showed practically no amplification of the field even after four days of measurement. Two of the individuals with Vogel crystals had values which dropped on the second and third day and came back in harmony with the rest of the group on the fourth day.


A small sample of the water was bottled, returned to our laboratory in California and measured on August 11, 1987.  The water exhibited exactly the same value that it had when measured with the Omega 5 in Germany, two months from the day of original testing.


We then did an ultra-violet spectro-photometric assay for the structuring of the fluid and the result was that the ultra-violet absorbency is the highest we have observed in any sample we have treated to date (8/87).


The water has stored a vital energy from the activities of the spiritual and religious services. It has maintained this and the product of this activity in a very precise, involved structuring of that fluid. The implication is that when spiritual, religious experiences are undergone, the energy that is created is stored in water, in rock, or in crystal which surround the ceremony. This water can then have the potential of acting in a therapeutic manner. "Where two or more are gathered together, there I am". The love of Christ can enter a group and change not only yourself but the matter that surrounds you, the water, the food and the very soil itself.

Rumi Da using Omega 5

Rumi Da using Omega 5